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We Dont Know where….!!! And that’s the fun part..!!!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A weekend, a couple of friends, a car, some supplies and lot of energy and enthusiasm are all you need for a memorable trip. There is absolutely nothing that can beat the adventure of a spontaneous unplanned trip.

Few things to remember when you are on a trip to “WE DON’T KNOW WHERE”:

  • Pack a tent and a sleeping bag just in case you don’t find a place to put up.

  • Pack sufficient food for at least two meals and snacks to last the weekend for everyone. You don’t know where you are heading to and what you will get to eat.

  • Remember to ensure your phones have data plans for internet access.

  • Download Maps on any navigation app that you can use while staying offline and save on your huge data charges.

  • Load your flash disk with latest music of your choice, your journey is going to be the most important part of your trip.

  • Carry board games, cards, and any musical instrument if you know how to play.

  • Ensure that the clothes and footwear that you carry are quick to dry.

  • A cap, torch, water bottle, shades, sneakers and waterproof jacket. You might just want to park in the middle of nowhere and trek to the adjoining waterfall.

So put off your guards and look forward to great times….Spontaneity is all you will need for this trip.

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