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Auroville - A global town in India

In the wildest of my dreams, I never imagined that there would be a place in the world, let alone in my own country, where my imagination of a Utopian world was slowly turning real. So, when I heard about a small town in the South of India, where people from all countries of the world live together in peace and harmony and work towards human development and wellbeing, I was pleasantly surprised.

A universal town in the making, Auroville is envisioned as an experimental town for like-minded people from anywhere across the world. It lies within the geographical and political boundaries of India, but in no way does it belong to Indians. It belongs to anyone with a zeal for life, nature, learning and experimentation. Life in Auroville is that of simplicity, community living and runs on the foundations of devotion, selflessness, compassion and empathy. For the citizens of Auroville, the monetary transaction is absolutely minimal. This town is a realistic translation of the traditional African philosophy ‘Ubuntu’ which means, “I am what I am because of who we all are”. It celebrates the universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.

The moment you enter the town, fresh air and the sweet smell of earth starts filling up the nostrils and you suddenly realize, everything has slowed down and your sense organs are functioning at much higher efficiency. The lanes are mostly unpaved; mode of transport is bike, bicycle or walk. Various techniques and forms of yoga and meditation are practiced and taught with the vision of raising human consciousness. Various art forms, dance and music are being explored in different ways. Tremendous experimentation is happening in the fields of medicine, education, farming, alternative healing, art, architecture, energy and what not. The best thing in this kind of a setup is that people work not for rewards but for results.

The focal point or the center of the town is the magnanimous Matri Mandir, a meditation center, which is a spherical structure clad with numerous golden discs. The main meditation space is lit by a single beam of light falling on a crystal. With totally white, velvety interiors, this space is magically soothing and calming. It suddenly silences everything within, putting a full stop to the non-stop banter that goes on in our mind all the time.

Set up with a beautiful intention, and with the right kind of approach towards an inclusive world, Auroville is my ray of hope, for waking us up into a better tomorrow.

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